Meet Gerard

I am convinced that the worlds of energy and mobility are going through a once in a lifetime revolution

Gerard Reid is a leading authority on the changes going on across the worlds of energy and mobility.

Gerard assists clients and organizations in the energy and mobility areas who are struggling to understand and come to terms with unpredictable and rapid change going on around them.

He is a founding partner of Alexa Capital, which delivers corporate advisory, financing and asset management solutions across the energy, energy infrastructure, mobility and energy technology sectors

He ia also a member of the Global Future Council on Advanced Energy Technologies at the World Economic Forum .

He has spent over fifteen years working in investment banking (equity research, fund management and corporate finance) and has taught in various universities across the world

He was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland and received a Bachelor of Business Studies and Master of Arts as well as Higher Diploma in Education from Trinity Collge Dublin. Currently, he works in London and lives outside Berlin in a small vilage.

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